About us

Charlotte Rouge is a Polish clothing brand known around the world since 2011.

The founder and designer is Natalia Kontraktewicz - enterpreneur, photographer & blogger.

Natalia Kontraktewicz in our boutique, Charlotte Rouge models and ambassadour Cajmel
Charlotte Rouge has a unique, contrast style beloved by women - we combine elegance with youth and rock&roll. We brake all the rules and bring innovative solutions. You will find seemingly impossible to set together materials like heavy studs on delicate chiffon in our stock. Thanks to our wide variety of desings we will dress you for every occasion - work, a party and even for a romantic night. And what's important to some - our clothes are 100% vegan.

Our clothes will subtly accent your femininity and gather attention. Even one garment from Charlotte Rouge will raise your confidence and get you compliments.
Charlotte Rouge Lingerie - soft bra
After the succes of lace bras designed in limited edition in 2012, Charlotte Rouge brand released full collection of soft lingerie that became a hit. No fastening, no underwires nor labels - it's the identification of the designs. Clients appreciate Charlotte Rouge Lingerie for addictive comfort, simplicity and limited edtions.

In our online shop we present limited editions of clothes, lingerie and accessories (section 'COLLECTIONS').

Natalia with the models at the Blackout AW13/14 fashion show finale at Fashion Week Poland w Łodzi. 

Charlotte Rouge brand was nominated for Future SUPERHIRO 2011, was presenting collections on many fashion events, run a unique sale in 2012 in a Valentine's Day POP UP SHOP in famous Między Nami Cafe in Warsaw. The designer, Natalia Kontraktewicz, organised first big fashion show in 2013 for collection "Black & White. Charm & Fight" acompanied by "I don't want realism. I want magic!" photography exhibition. A month later she had her debut at Designer Avenue at Fashion Week Poland with collection "Blackout".