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Peachy Bra

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"Peachy Bra" charms reality and hides summer through a beautiful peach lace. Wide strips adorn the neckline and cross under the bust, so it combines spectacular effect with ease. You will see - "Peachy Bra" summon sunny days, regardless of the season.

No wires, no labels, no fastening. Pure simplicity and comfort.

Models wear size D (blonde) and A.

Cup's height:
A - 16 cm
B - 16 cm
C - 17 cm
D - 20 cm

Cup's widest width:
A - 17 cm
B - 17 cm
C - 18 cm
D - 22 cm

Circut under bust:
A - 60-78 cm
B - 60-80 cm
C - 62-82 cm
D - 64-96 cm