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Peachy Bra #2

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$47.60 $35.60

"Peachy Bra" charms reality and keeps summer alive in a beautiful peach colored lace. Wide soft line adorn the neckline and delicate thin straps will adjust to every shape of apparel. You will find "Peachy Bra" summoning sunny days, regardless of the season.

No wires, no labels, no fastening. Pure simplicity and comfort.

Model wears size C.

Cup's height:
A - 16 cm
B - 16 cm
C - 17 cm
D - 20 cm

Cup's widest width:
A - 17 cm
B - 17 cm
C - 18 cm
D - 22 cm

Circut under bust:
A - 60-78 cm
B - 60-80 cm
C - 62-82 cm
D - 64-96 cm