Lovesick Bra

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As it usually happens with love, you can get totally absorbed and easily addicted to "Lovesick". In return it gives you comfort and crossing straps in the neckline area, which surely attract others eyes. Along with panties "Lovesick" they make up the duo, against which it’s hard to common sense.

No wires, no labels, no fastening. Pure simplicity and comfort.

Model wears size A.

Cup's height:
A - 16 cm
B - 17 cm
C - 18 cm
D - 20 cm

Cup's widest width:
A - 16 cm
B - 18 cm
C - 19 cm
D - 21 cm

Circut under bust:
A - 60-76 cm
B - 64-82 cm
C - 66-90 cm
D - 68-96 cm