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Classic Bra

Last chance to get one Last chance to get one
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Never enough of classic! We do not want make it predictable, so "Classic" has been enriched with delicate cut-outs. The rest remained unchanged - thin, flexible straps and triangular bowls. Simplicity in its purest form.

No wires, no labels, no fastening. Pure simplicity and comfort.

Models wear size A.

Cup's height:
A - 15 cm
B - 17 cm
C - 18 cm
D - 20 cm

Cup's widest width:
A - 17 cm
B - 18 cm
C - 19 cm
D - 21 cm

Circut under bust (gum):
A - 60-90 cm
B - 64-100 cm
C - 66-102 cm
D - 68-108 cm