All those sleepless nights Velvet Pyjamas

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Get your hands on these soft velvet pyjamas and you will never want to take them off. Loose crop top and high waisted shorts are all you need to get a good night sleep. Elastic and black as the night velvet material is like kiss of a cloud on your skin

And you know what? You can wear them also during the day! Combine the top with high weaisted jeans and the shorts with a white blouse.

Models wear size 34.

Velvet Top
(without streching):

Height - 43 cm
34 - 84 cm
36 - 86 cm
38 - 92 cm
40 - 98 cm

Velvet shorts:

Waist height: 29 cm
34 - 64-108 cm
36 - 68-110 cm
38 - 70-126 cm
40 - 74-140 cm